About Bonnie

Bonnie Keating is a master healer with 28 years experience in helping people be happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilled. She is a dedicated catalyst, conduit and vessel of the higher frequencies, working with direct transmission of these frequencies.

She can help you.

What does this mean? It means what you are comfortable with it meaning. Bonnie is a life coach, a spirit guide, an energy worker, a warrior for peace. Her passion is to open peoples awareness to all of the gifts that the universe offers each of us. Even when we feel overwhelmed and lost, the universe has not abandoned us. Her mission is to help you find the joy in this life and align your personal energies toward well-being and strength, no matter what adversities come your way.

Whether you are able to meet Bonnie in person or are interested in scheduling remote healing sessions, she.can.help.you.