~ Working with Bonnie Keating is nothing short of a life-changing, transformational experience.  It’s hard to put words to Bonnie’s gifts and talents – for they truly must be experienced to be believed.  I never knew it was possible to have verbal communication with one’s spirit guides until I began working with her.  I had no idea my body needed so much energetic cleansing until she used her gifts to help heal me.  I was clueless of the many ways unresolved issues from past life experiences were still influencing my work in this life until Bonnie channeled and directed that work into a new level of consciousness.  Whether you need help with personal relationships, assistance with career choices and pathways, or your body/mind/spirit is seeking healing and alignment, Bonnie Keating is the healer you have searched your whole life to meet.  To have all of these gifts wrapped in such a delightful package is an extra bonus – she is kind, caring, humorous, deeply insightful, and full of light.  I cannot recommend her work more highly.
                                                                                                                                                                               — HM

~ My sessions with Bonnie Keating have been incredibly clarifying and empowering.  From Bonnie I have learned more deeply about the properties of energy, how it ‘wants’ to expand and grow, as it is infinite and intricate.  I have received some very clear and confident answers to certain questions regarding the unseen, energetic, and spiritual planes — they have been spot on.  Bonnie is tapped in!

Most importantly, I have been reintroduced to myself, in such a simple, profound, and moving way.  Bonnie has been able to connect with my spirit guides in a handful of different situations, and each time she has asked, an answer comes to her… from ME!  When she relays that answer, I experience a great reintroduction to a younger version of myself — a child connected to source, who knew intuitively what was right in any given moment, before I became clouded by overly-intellectualized ideas.  Wonderfully, Bonnie has gone beyond merely illuminating the answers, by focusing on teaching me how to reconnect in my adult life to this very simple, pure, inner-knowing that I had as a child — so that I may cultivate the awareness to find these answers myself.

As I am an artist (painter), this gift from Bonnie has been powerful in my studio, as my main mission as of late has been to ‘listen’ to a new series of abstract paintings, and to hear what they are asking for… It’s very subtle much of the time, but as Bonnie has pointed out, we can cultivate our awareness in this area by trusting ourselves enough to practice doing it!  And then by developing our ability to ‘listen’ even more deeply.  It’s a truly beautiful practice in both life and art.  Bonnie’s words, which I write as notes during our sessions, are living messages from spirit. I read them often.

— NW

~ Transformative!  Life-affirming!  Breathtakingly beautiful … these are words are I associate with Bonnie Keating, a wonderful soul who is an amazing energy healer who has helped me more than I can say.  I want to thank you, Bonnie, in this forum and share good thoughts and thanks.  Friends, I can only say that if you are at a place in your life where you are ready to experience healing on a deep level, or to just understand and move forward from a difficult place, you really should work with Bonnie.

— LE

~ I have been working remotely with Bonnie for over 15 years.  She brings a depth and clarity through her gift that is beyond a standard reading.  Her ability to read in a higher frequency range provides deep insight into your spiritual enfoldment.  At the same time guidance is typically practical, useable, and provides alternatives to what appears the only choices to be considered.

I have leveraged Bonnie’s talents in my business life, spiritual growth and developing skill as a Martial Artist.  Over time, her guidance has literally helped me shift the way I look at and interact with the world.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their inner growth and their desire to take any area of their life to a higher experience.

— CH

~ Bonnie is an amazing gifted, connected, masterful spiritual healer. I was in a very difficult place with my mother—unable to forgive, living with toxic and angry feelings toward her. In one session with Bonnie I was able to shift to a place of loving compassion. It was truly a miracle. I HIGHLY recommend Bonnie. She will change your life for the better with her intuitive healing work.

— AB

~ I called Bonnie because I went into a tailspin. I went step by step in my thought process just like she did with me and finally was able to divorce my past pain from just rudeness. I will never be able to thank her for teaching me how to do this. I needed to get off the path I was on so I allowed Bonnie’s teachings to guide me.
— ZL

~ Thank you for the restorative work you did on me. I truly feel like the old me, happy with a better outlook. Have to figure out how to get to you twice a month!

— M

~ Bonnie is a wonderfully skilled healer and her sessions have been truly life changing! Energetically, she has removed blockages so that life force energy can move freely, encouraging good health. Also, my guides conveyed through Bonnie, techniques that I could use to live my life more fully. Because of these extraordinary sessions, I feel lighter, brighter and more understanding of how to live a life more meaningful to me.

— NN

~ Bonnie was most supportive and helpful when my 17 year old Yorkie, Benson, was ready to transition and struggled to let go. She was able to communicate to him for me that I would be fine and I would honor his wishes. When he heard that he completely relaxed in my lap for the first time in several months. I had no idea he was in so much pain until that moment that he relaxed in my lap. Bonnie not only made the letting go process for both of us much easier, it was also a more spiritually connected experience for us. I highly recommend Bonnie for all and any animal communication needs you may have.

— DC

~ Dear Bonnie: I can never thank you for making me whole. I cannot believe what you did for me today. I feel so steady. I feel peaceful.

— Z

~ Bonnie has been such a gift in my life. On one occasion she communicated with my two dogs. One had died and I was unable to be with him at his death, and that undid me. Bonnie was able to confirm that he understood and that he was fine.

My current dog was a huge struggle for me to handle and she was able to get a very helpful reading on him that transformed our relationship!

Plus, she is a lovely person and very gentle.

— JE

~ I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Being able to talk to my family who has passed over, and my guides, helped get things out in the open that had been gnawing at me for a very long time. It gave my parents and brother a chance to explain and apologize, and me an opportunity to tell them I missed them. Also, it helped me let go of things so I can find a new start, and brought forgiveness into my heart.

— JF

~ When I came to Bonnie over 15 years ago, I was suffering on so many levels – physically, emotionally and mentally. And I didn’t have a clue about spirituality. I was frightened, anxious and felt very unproductive in my life. With Bonnie’s incredible intuitive communication, compassionate healing and incredible listening, I was able to feel alive and become my authentic self. I became whole again and curious to what life had to offer. I really can’t put into words what Bonnie has meant to me. I don’t think I had ever felt true unconditional love until I met her – and in that safe environment I was able to heal and grow as a human being. Bonnie is Bottled Love!!!

— GM

~ Bonnie Keating is an incredibly warm and connected person with many talents. Bonnie helped release patterns of negative thought that have been pervasive in my life. I felt an inner stillness that I had not felt in years and a clarity not clouded with a veil of negative misconception. The way in which Bonnie communicates about one’s higher-self is not unlike hearing wonderful and familiar music that we have simply forgotten.

— JD

~ I have personally benefited from learning more about myself and my path through your sensitive guidance and attention.

— CD

~ I am truly overwhelmed, but so excited about the journey we began last evening. I thank God for leading me to you.

— B

~ One of the biggest joys of my life has been doing this work with you. I continue to be amazing at your willingness to keep going, even when events or I appear to be going haywire. Had it not been for you, I could not have come so far, so fast. From the very center of my being, thank you for your generosity, open heart, willingness to keep going, and the joy with which you do this. I appreciate all you have done for me and my family, and acknowledge your great gifts and your generosity in using them. I feel blessed to be able to work with you.

— CH

~ Even though my oncologist says my prognosis is bleak, since our session I am feeling quite well. You have helped me more than you will ever know.

— BT

~ I have been awakened! A boatload of information and direction has come my way since our session. I intend to use it wisely.

— J