Cellular Health

There are many great products on the market today to help with our health and wellbeing. I hope to bring a few of the very best to you. So far, I have one such product that has been amazing for me.

In the fall of 2013, my beloved sister Kim passed away unexpectedly. I felt devastated. I was in a state of emotional decline and knew I needed help fast. I had recently been introduced to ASEA and my first intuitive reaction was a good one. So I signed up and began taking it.img_0947

There are tons of testimonials for this product of miracle-like cures, but for me the immediate effect was mild. I felt more peaceful and I noticed that my skin was improving. Over time my stamina improved. I have a congenital heart defect and stamina has been an issue for me so this was great!

ASEA is spreading like wildfire all over the globe and the sports world is crushing it with the ASEA advantage! As for me, I have continued to take ASEA and continue to enjoy the benefits. Out of my experience and that of friends and clients, I offer it to you.

ASEA is in a whole new category for supplemental support. It is not a nutritional but is a convenient replacement for Redox Signaling Molecules which are native to the body. Your own body makes billions of these molecules every second and they get used just as fast! These redox molecules help your cells communicate so that they can function properly. As we age, we make fewer of the redox molecules so I’m all for giving cells a boost! How about you? Consider the phenomenal support that ASEA provides.

Learn more at bonniekeating.myasealive.com.