Remote Healing

We are all one, yet each of us is creating the Universe in concert with the Divine. In our process of interacting with our creations for the purpose of expansion, we experience conflict and change. It is an energetic Universe and energy always seeks a higher form and expression. To do this it must raise it’s frequency by disassembling and reassembling from one pattern to another. We are doing the same, and the cycles of chaos and change this brings can be uncomfortable.

But like the Chinese character which both means crisis and opportunity, these natural cycles of change feel difficult but represent the opportunities for us to advance in many ways and on every level.

I am honored to offer my services to help you work through the changes and opportunities in your life. Whether you are thinking about a career change, struggling with a physical illness, grieving the loss of a loved one, or working toward living your life with more intention, I am here to support and amplify your efforts.

When we are working together on your healing and wholeness, we are working at levels beyond time and space.  Therefore, the work is just as effective as if we were face to face. In fact it is often more so because the personality is not engaged by social convention, allowing your system to shift more easily.

I have training in several modalities including Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Biosonic Repatterning, and Shamanic Healing in the Native American tradition. To learn more about the tools I utilize in my practice, click here.

My promise to you, and to all of my clients, is that I will approach each session with an open, non-judgemental heart and mind, and use all of the tools at my disposal to strengthen your unique core.

Use the email on this page to¬†schedule an appointment for your remote healing session and together we’ll begin your journey toward a happier, more balanced way to be in this world. Visit my testimonials page to hear from others who are walking this path with me.