Tools of the Trade

In my work I call on many tools to assist the process of energetic alignment. Some of these tools have no discernible form, as in angels or spirit guides, and some are solid.

The use of biosonic repatterning through tuning forks or crystal bowl resonance can help your body to listen in and evaluate dissonance brought on by physical or emotional suffering. As one expert, Dr. John Beaulieu, says, “Everything is vibrational in nature. When you’re aware of your own inner vibrations, able to witness life around you as a concert of sound, to discover that you are in fact sound, then the division between internal and external becomes non-existent.”

My study of Native American shamanic
practices has also involved vibrations, specifically with the use of the traditional skin drum. The wisdom of the elders and our forebearers is many thousands of years old. I honor their teachings and their commitment to working with Mother Nature to keep our whole universal system in harmony.